Social Power

Relationship between Social and Environmental fields Could an innovative social media campaign or a social innovation brings benefits even to environmental issues? I think the real question is: how could not? The social sphere is nothing than part of the environmental sphere. Imbalance, inequalities in one field often are reflected upon the other one. For … Continue reading Social Power

Circular WWTPs

A call for action Today I would start with a confession: I decided to study Environmental Engineering to try to heal some of our environmental damages, to be able to go to bed in the night feeling useful to both the Society and the Environment BUT ( and it’s a huge but) I started this … Continue reading Circular WWTPs

Food for Thought

Introduction Hi there, welcome back in my blog and in the first episode of my new adventure called “Wastewater Treatment and Resource Recovery”. Today I want to talk about how healthy eating habits can impact not only on our health and well being but also on the environment and water. Doesn’t really matter what is … Continue reading Food for Thought

Do we need a Relationship Therapist to save our love affair with Nature?

Everyone has experienced a very complicated relationship at least once in their life, some of them last even today or maybe…”relationship” means “complication”?! What is clear is that relationship requires a lot of work but I would say that it’s always worth it. These days the love affair between Human and Nature is facing big … Continue reading Do we need a Relationship Therapist to save our love affair with Nature?